Friday, October 17, 2014

LOON OUTDOORS - Tippet Stack

The 2015 products continue to be rolled out one by one on the Loon Outdoors website and are showing up in fly shops as well.  Today's highlight is the Tippet Stack which can be used with your spools of tippet and is also designed to hold a stack of three Rigging Foams as well.

I've been messing around with one of these for the past few weeks and this is a solid product that does a good job keeping your tippet or Rigging Foams straight. I also like that you have two options to carry it with the carabineer or Velcro loop on the backside.  My only complaint is that it doesn't include a round plastic disc to hold the wider openings of the TroutHunter tippet spools a bit more secure.  It works as is but a disc with a small center hole might work a little better.

For more information visit the Loon Outdoors website and look for these at your local dealer soon.

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