Friday, November 28, 2014

Cabela's CGR Fly Rods - 40% OFF

Even though the Cabela's CGR fly rods were released just a week or so ago, they have been discounted 40% as part of the Black Friday Sale and are priced at $77.99 each.

Oh yeah...and free shipping until December 3rd too.

All models in stock and this is a deal worth taking advantage of.  This sale price is good through tomorrow night I believe, so get on it.

I posted a full review of the CGR fly rods several years ago, minus the new little two weight, that you can check out for more information on this series. 


The little two and three weights and the ever useful 7/8 weight are personal favorites from this fly rod series.

Check the Cabela's website for details.


James C. Murray said...

Whoo Hoo!!!

Gavin Lantry said...

Sweet find, Don't forget the free shipping through 12/3... Getting the 2wt myself

Cameron Mortenson said...

James...that make you happy, eh?

Gavin...thanks for the reminder on free shipping. I just edited the post.

Anonymous said...

Just ordered the 5/6 for myself. $82 and some pocket change gets it to my door next week.

Chris said...

Thanks for the heads up Cam. Wife just got me the 3 wt.

James C. Murray said...