Thursday, November 13, 2014

Saluda River Surprise

This past weekend I had a few hours to spare and was able to meet up with Ben Moore of East Anglers for a float on my local, the Saluda River.  Now, I'll readily admit that I don't spend enough time on the Saluda River but what this day taught me is that you just can't beat the knowledge of a guide that has spent many more days on this river to learn it's ins and outs and there are some real surprises in this river with trout that are measured in pounds instead of just inches.

Over the afternoon that we were on the water we picked up a mix of rainbows and brown trout on small nymphs and streamers.  Several of the trout gave the Orvis Superfine Glass five weight and C.F.O. clicker quite a workout.

It still blows my mind a little bit that we have a trout river in South Carolina of this quality and it's really neat to see how the changes in minimum flows and pushing up oxygen levels have really assisted this fishery.  It also really helps to fish this river from a skiff instead of wading since it opens up new and lesser touched water that only a guide may know about.

Click the images to view in a larger format.  A lot of these trout seem to be on a "Southern Diet" of fried chicken, grits, and macaroni cheese pie.

Whether you have fished the Saluda River before, or maybe traveling through the Columbia area, it's well worth your time to spend some time in Ben's skiff.  He's got this river dialed in.

Ben is running with just a Facebook page right now with a website in the works.  He can be reached by phone at 706-840-0787 to book a trip.

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