Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Woody Handmade Knives - The Drury

One part of my newfound obsession with edged tools of all sorts has been following several knife makers and recently came across the work of Frank Bridwell of Woody Handmade Knives.  Frank, a.k.a. "Woody", left the business world of Greenville, S.C. to enter into the craftmen's world as a knife maker.  His work is both unique as it is excellent in quality.

After spending way to much time on the Woody Handmade Knives website, I ended up ordering one of the Drury Fillet Knives which showed up last week.  The Drury is so sharp and even more striking in it's looks in hand.  I am looking forward to putting this knife to use and making dinner out of a few small trout or bluegills.

The Drury was designed as the perfect bird or trout knife and measures eight inches in length.  It is made of 1095 HCS steel with a Curly Maple handle.  The leather sheath holds the knife securely and the quality of all this work surpasses the price.

At some point Woody will be choronicling a knife build from raw materials to completion in a series of T.F.M. posts.  Stand by for that in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, check out the Woody Handmade Knives website and follow along with the latest shop news on the Facebook and Instagram pages.  


Linda said...

A true craftsman and a gentleman. I have purchased several knives from Woody, as gifts for family and friends. Positive comments from everyone who has received them. I will be ordering for Christmas soon & look forward to doing business with Woody for a long time. He produces useful, artistic, pieces of consistent quality. It is a pleasure to provide high quality gifts, made in America.
Thank you Woody.


Cameron Mortenson said...

Linda...I am glad that you had a positive experience as well. This won't be my last Woody Handmade knife.