Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 DAYS - The Original Woodman's Pal

For over a year now I've been on a real bender when it comes to outdoor tools of all types and along the way I came across The Original Woodman's Pal and bought one this last fall to use in the woods around our home.  We live in an area that is quickly overtaken throughout the year by vines and brush that seems to grow at a rate much faster than everything else.  Every fall and into the winter, when it finally cools down enough to work hard outside, all the tools come out and the work begins. 

This fall I've been using the Original Woodman's Pal and have been really impressed with the heft of this tool and the effectiveness of using it when cutting through small trees, vines, and brush.  The tool is balanced in such a way that it maximizes the force of each cut and I've found that it will cut through vines that are a half an inch or larger in diameter in a single cut.  I am still getting used to using the bladed hook on the backside of the Woodman's Pal but it's crazy useful just for the front blade alone.

The Original Woodman's Pal has been "Made In U.S.A." since the early 1940's and this is a perfect example of a product that was made right then that is still made right now.  This tool has been used by the military, public safety, and those that work outside for over 70 years now.  That's damn impressive.  This tool is just as useful today as it's ever been and perfect for anyone that spends time outside.  I also think one would come in handy for guides that find downed trees and other dangerous debris in the river.

The Woodman's Pal has offered up a half dozen of their Classic with Leather Sheath models.

There will be a total of SIX WINNERS for today's giveaway.

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The random number generator is starting to get a little worn out from the 12 Days of Christmas but picked out the following winners from this day's giveaway...


Congratulations and thanks to Pro Tool Industries for the support.

Check out the Woodman's Pal website for more information and or to place an order.  There is a holiday sale giving 20% off all orders now through December 18th.  This offer also includes free shipping and free engraving.

Good luck and tell your friends.

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