Thursday, December 18, 2014


There certainly couldn't be a "Made In U.S.A." giveaway and not include Vedavoo.  The ever growing list of products that owner Scott Hunter designs and builds one by one in his basement shop are as solidly built as they are genius.  Scott is extremely picky when it comes to the materials that are used in each of his products and the end results show why custom built to the highest standards are best.

If you've ever met Scott Hunter at any of the fly fishing shows that he attends each winter it's easy to see that his gear designs have purpose with every cut and stitch and he takes the time with every customer that walks into his booth to explain why he does what he does.  It's really impressive to watch Scott work. 

Something else to think about is that unless a piece of gear is sold at one of just a few specialty fly shop dealers throughout the country, then you can rest assured that the gear that you order from Vedavoo was fabric cut and sewed specifically just for you.  How cool is that? 

In between a massive list of holiday orders, the Vedavoo crew found time to sew up three special slate colored "Comrade Edition" pieces to giveaway today.  These pieces include...




Click on the links above to learn more about each piece of gear.

There will be a total of THREE WINNERS for today's giveaway.

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-  Please note that if you win one of the days of the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways then you are not eligible to win any other day.  Please give someone else a chance.

The random number generator chose the following winners of this day's contest...


Congratulations and thanks to Vedavoo for creating these three special gear pieces for this giveaway.

Check out the Vedavoo website and follow the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram.   Check out the first issue of TORCH which is their digital magazine highlighting the many sides of the Vedavoo life.


Editor said...

I'm lucky enough to own a tightlines sling and a spinner daypack. The sling was fished hard this spring, summer, and fall in awful conditions (rain, salt, mud, you name it!). It still looks new. I used my spinner daypack for a steelhead trip and local day long excursions and the thing took all my abuse. What is really cool is how the gear pouches can be interchanged. Oh, and Scott is a great guy. Whoever wins these will be receiving equipment to last a lifetime of fly fishing fun and which was entirely built by hand.

Chris - Juneau, AK

Mel said...

What a wonderful opportunity for any of us who have not had a chance to use Scott's great line of gear. Thanks, Scott and Cameron, for your work.

cofisher said...

I have found my dream pack...the Tightlines Sling. I'll never need another. Now my wife is another matter...