Thursday, December 11, 2014

12 DAYS - Victor Axe + Tool

I guess I have been following the work of Victor Sultana of Victor Axe + Tool for about a year and a half now and was immediately impressed with what he was doing in his small shop in Michigan and how he was telling his company's story through social media.  My interest continued when I was gifted from my family last Christmas the Brimley Axe and it's become one of my favorite outdoor tools.

This Christmas I will be gifting each of our children a custom Manitou Half Hatchet which I really believe will become a cherished heirloom that they will always have from here on out on camping trips and working in the woods under my watchful eye that they are being careful. 

This time last year Victor Axe + Tool had just a few axe choices on the website and since then has grown up in a big way to include various other tools, including several new Half Hatchets, added Axe choices, and other very handy items such as the Waxed Canvas Tool Roll which can be ordered empty or with  Axe Care Essentials.  It's neat to see a company grow up and I really dig what Victor is doing with his "Made In U.S.A." offerings.

This fall it's been all about the Half Hatchets and I am stoked that Victor Axe + Tool could participate and offer up three excellent prizes for today's giveaway.  Not everyone needs an axe but the Half Hatchet will always have a place in your outdoors, camping, and fly fishing kit.

Today Victor Tool + Axe has offered up three prizes with one prize being a Manitou Half Hatchet with a can of Metal Wax and Handmade Diamond Sharpener.  There will be two additional prizes which will include a Leland Half Hatchet with a can of Metal Wax each.

There will be a total of THREE WINNERS for today's giveaway.

-  Please send an email to saying you want in on today's giveaway.

-  You will need to send an email each day to be included in the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways.

-  You will receive an auto response email back to confirm that your entry was received each day.

-  Please send only one email per email account.  Duplicate emails will be erased.

-  All emails must be received by 5 a.m. tomorrow morning to qualify for this gear giveaway.

-  Winners will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced tomorrow morning at the end of this post.

-  Please note that if you win one of the days of the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways then you are not eligible to win any other day.  Please give someone else a chance.

Please take some time to visit the Victor Axe + Tool website and follow along on their social media pages, especially Facebook and Instagram, as they do a lot of product announcements and special offers there.

I guess everyone wanted a Half Hatchet since this was another day of the inbox filling up with contest submissions.  The random number generator picked the following winners...


Good Luck and please tell your friends.

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