Monday, December 22, 2014

Trevor's Epic - Blow Your Mind Good

The other day a photograph shared by popped up on the Swift Fly Fishing Facebook page of a build that Trevor Bourne has recently completed that I think is blow your mind good.  I asked Trevor if he'd mind sharing a few photographs for this T.F.M. post and luckily he obliged.

I realize that this post contains a lot of looks at the handle and fighting butt of this Epic 580, but that acrylic work is amazing and the cork and bark work on the handle ain't to shabby either.  

Trevor wrote...  "I came across this cool burl/acrylic material and thought the translucency would make a great match to the Epic blanks.  Birch bark, rubberized cork, and a little more burl for luck all topped with just under a million coats of Tru-Oil.  Lemke reel seat with a Buckeye burl spacer, Snake brand guides and an agate guide from J.E. Arguello."

Trevor dubs himself an "underground rod builder" but I certainly hope that we see more future builds out of him in the coming months.


Chadd Depner said...

Jaw, meet floor. Astounding.

Nathaniel Mcleod said...

that's some next level stuff right there!!!! mind blown.

Cliff Barker said...

Very well executed everything flows together.The handle look like birchbark,re Scandinavian knife handle take off.Kubo on the workmanship.

Mike Sepelak said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Kevin Frank said...

I'm not a huge glass guy but that rod is awesome!