Monday, December 8, 2014

Z Fly Fishing - Gerbubble Bugs

No doubt it's cooling down everywhere but I am getting a little worried that some of my guide friends up north are already tying warmwater patterns.

FYI...the top water bite is many (MANY) months away...

Lately Matt Zudweg of Z Fly Fishing has taken on the meticulous task of tying up a few Gerbubble Bugs which start with shaped balsa blocks, add hooks, base paint, detail paint, feathers, legs, and everything else that makes these strangely retro-esque flies something special.

With a couple hours involved in each Gerbubble Bug, and a price tag of $40 each, I don't think many of these will hit water but they are so fun to look at.

Visit the Z Fly Fishing website for more on the Gerbubble Bug and how it turned into the future as the Zudbubbler.

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TroutSnout said...

Wow those are awesome! I might make a cheap crappy version this summer and try them on the bass lake.