Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fine Tackle - CTS Fishing Quartz Build

Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle makes a very excellent point along with this CTS Fishing Quartz six weight build that he recently finished on where would we be without CTS? 

There are a lot of small shop builders and others who would be left scratching their heads looking for another company to roll their blanks and they likely wouldn't come close to what they are getting now as far as quality or options.  

Christian wrote...  "Where would we be without CTS on New Zealand? They are one of the most important manufacturers of contemporary fiberglass blanks. They supply high end custom tapers to builders all over the world. They also have their own line of fiberglass rods, the Quartz series. This is an 8', 6wt Quartz rod that has been given +25% stiffness. It's a special edition made for the Swedish tackle shop Flyfishing Masters. This custom Quartz blank is available in other weights as well, and I can highly recommend it. This build was appointed in saltwater style, and will be the perfect companion for sea run brownies, bass or arctic pike."

Visit the Fine Tackle website for more information and images of this build and others.  This build will be available through Alternative Tackle.

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