Friday, January 30, 2015

Fly Fish Food - On Selling Flies

I follow a lot of fly tiers through their websites and social media and admittedly I end up buying a lot of flies from many of them as well.  I have a thing for picking up flies for upcoming trips and it's pretty neat to open my fly boxes and know exactly who tied which flies.  It brings a level of confidence to the flies that I use. 

Yesterday Cheech from Fly Fish Food put up a very well done post on the idea of making money from fly tying and it hits the mark on so many levels that I wanted to share it here so it would get a few more looks hopefully. 

The other way to look at this article is that you can take out the words "flies" and "fly tier" and replace with "fly rod" and "custom fly rod builder" all the same points can be made for the small shop rod builders that are typically highlighted on this website.

Here's my take on all of this...  If you want quality, and something different that may be more effective, then please prepare to pay for it.  The artisans that are doing something special should be paid for the work that they do.  This is a labor of love for many of them but they shouldn't go broke doing it.  

Read the Fly Fish Food article HERE.

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