Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Leiderman Rods - Retro Inspired Tom Morgan Build

Matt Leiderman might not be building as many fly rods as some of the other small shop rod builders, but Leiderman Rods continues to some of the most impressive builds, in my mind, for the well thought out work that goes into each one to make it something special.

One of the latest builds to come out of the shop is on an 8'6" seven weight Tom Morgan Rodsmiths blank that bleeds retro styling and turned out just perfect.

Matt wrote...  "I have a thing for vintage Winston. I love some of the details their older rods carry. While I have another "Winston-ish" fly rod in the works (that I'm super-stoked about...), this is the one that kick-started the idea. Similar to my standard Morgan build but a few details that throw-back to the company in Twin Bridges including the plastic cap end with recessed screw and wide blackened winding check. I also sourced a box of original Gudebrod Maroon nylon to wrap it out with."

Check out the Leiderman Rods website for more information but also be sure to follow along on the Facebook page as this is where Matt is sharing the latest shop news and recent fly rod build photographs.


Middlemac said...

Just phenomenal work..

Anonymous said...

True artistry and craftsmanship!