Friday, January 9, 2015

Orvis Beginner's Guide To Carp Flies

I don't know if you can get much more into carp on the fly than Dan Frasier and it only makes sense that he'd put some of that obsession to good use by penning a book on carp flies.  There are a lot of them out there and now he's put some of the best all in one book. 

The Orvis Benginner's Guide To Carp Flies includes 101 patterns, how to tie them, and how to use them to dupe one of my favorite species, carp.  The tiers in this book include Dan Frasier and a host of noble carp fiend friends who are all handy on the vise and who have developed specific flies for these picky eaters.

I've been reading through the digital version of this book and Dan really covers a lot of ground over the 160 pages with excellent fly images, recipes, and instruction. 

I am also honored to have a few of my photographs in the book which was kind of a surprise that actually they made it to print.  Thanks, Dan.

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DFrasier said...

Thank you Cam... Your photos were excellent.