Friday, February 27, 2015

H&H Outfitters - 3 Cool Things

I've mentioned it before, but it's been really neat watching the Hudjohn brothers create and grow H&H Outfitters from an idea to working in their garage to moving to a small shop to the opening of a bonafide work space with their recently opened Base Camp located on Pacific Avenue in Forest Grove, Oregon.

This is a fly fishing company success story and you were a big part of it.


The boys from H&H Outfitters put together an online flip mag highlighting their brand, their ambassadors, and whatever else they think is cool.  Issue #6 went live this week so check it out.

As always, remember to use code "TFMRAD" for 10% off your online orders on the H&H Outfitters website.


joshua citrak said...

The Backcast issue.
Built in Flash.
Sad face + wonder who are these people still using Flash and do they have a MySpace page?

Mark McKenzie said...

One quick little correction - they are in Forest Grove, OREGON ;)

The guys at H&H are great - my wife and I stopped in recently. We were driving by and she says "Hey, there's a fly shop" - we drove around the block and stopped in to check it out - as it's been well over a decade since our little burg was home to a fly shop (could very well be closer to 15 years, we had an Orvis retailer in town when I was in high school but they didn't last long)

Had a great chat with Alex. Really glad to see these guys doing well, and hope they continue to expand and go where they want with their business.