Friday, February 20, 2015

Superfine Glass Stress Testing

Things are wrapping up at the Orvis Guide Rendezvous today in Asheville but I wanted to share a quick video that I took yesterday during the fly rod presentation of a prototype Superfine Glass three weight getting seriously bent on the CSD Machine.

Impressive.  Do I need to say it? GLASS IS NOT DEAD.

More on the Superfine Glass prototypes soon...


Samuel Cruz said...

I saw a similar video from Gink and Gasoline using the 7'6 4wt rod and it swayed me in buying it. I am absolutely in love with my FG rod!!! I can't believe how much flex this rods have--it's enough to fight a big fish, but soft enough to not break your 6x tippet.

- Sam
Twitter Handle: @SamuelCruz961

joshua citrak said...

how much weight was that?

There's lots to like about SF glass, made in America, great tapers, etc. but I have to say it again: those rods are ugly as sin. put one of those next to an ijuin or a T&T and the SF will self destruct from embarrasment.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Samuel...the glory of glass that it's perfect for big fights and you don't break them off.

Joshua...really? I like the looks myself.