Sunday, March 22, 2015

6 Reasons To Dig Cabela's Prime

I posted a few reasons why I am seriously digging the Cabela's Prime 7'3" five weight on the T.F.M. Facebook page last week and figured it would be good to get some notes down on the website on this versatile one piece fiberglass fly rod.

I have both the 6' three weight and 7'3" five weight Prime fly rods and they are a ton of fun for the money.  This post is centered more on the five weight model with these notes.  I like fly rods that you don't have to worry about getting banged around and please don't let the (often deceiving) wiggle test fool you on these fly rods.  They are capable and have the backbone to do work.

Here's six reasons why I like Cabela's Prime...

1. The Prime five weight can be over lined and this is a great six weight capable of turning over good sized flies.  I am using an extra six weight SharkWave fly line on mine and it feels perfect.

2. NO FERRULES.  This means no sections coming apart when casting.  One piece fly rods really do rule.

3. Fighting Butt. Who doesn't like a fighting butt on their work horse fly rods? I do.

4. The five weight (I'm calling it a six) is on my short list as a top choice for a general do it all fly rod for bluegill, bass, and whatever else you have swimming in your local pond.

5. This is a great kayak stick and perfect for in the boat.

6.  The Prime series fly rods are built fair nicer than you would expect for a fly rod under $200.  Cork quality and components are excellent and this is a fly rod that will last.

Something else that I realized this week is that the Cabela's Prime fiberglass flyrods (as well as the CGR glass fly rods) are on sale through March 25th.   This is a good time to invest in a Prime, or several, before they go back up to full price.


Aaron Christensen said...

Don't forget that a shorter 5 wt has some real advantages for a small stream trout fisherman. You can cast bushy stimulator or caddis with authority, along with a dropper. You can't really do that with a 7 foot 3 wt.

joshua citrak said...

made in China or Korea? man I'd like to see more American made glass.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Aaron...good point. I guess I was just thinking of it as a warmwater fly rod since that's where I've used it. It would be perfect for places like the Davidson River too.

Joshua..."Made In China"... There is quite a bit American made glass out there but the price points are typically a lot higher. Good to have some easy on the wallet options too.

Kevin Frank said...

I ended up pulling the trigger on the CGR 7/8wt.

gaflyfisher said...

Just purchased the 5wt and was wondering if you would recommend a line choice. Probably going to use it as a trout rod, and may go with a 4wt line.

PfluegerDude said...

Cabelas had these rods steeply discounted for awhile now. They retail for $159.99, but were discounted to $49.99. I just went into my local Cabelas in Eugene, OR today, and found them all the way down to $14.88!!! They had only three left and all were 7'1" 4 weights. At that price, I bought all three. Already sold one back to my brother. I'll keep one, and my dad gets the third. Made my day!

Jacob Nicosia said...

I just got 5 of them at that price at the Cabela's in Glendale, AZ! I can't wait to get my dad onto his first trout with these rods... and pro tip: if you find an item at Cabela's that ends with .88, that means the item is discontinued and they're just looking to sell off the stock.