Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Graywolf Rods - Seele Fly Rods #400

I am highlighting this recent Graywolf Rods build for several reasons besides this six weight being drop dead sharp in cosmetics.

First, this is the 400th numbered build that Shane Gray has completed since he first started building on glass blanks a few years ago.  This is undoubtedly impressive and it has been really neat to see Shane grow from a part time builder to making the move over a year ago making Graywolf Rods his full time job.  Without a doubt, he has a long list of customers to thank to have made this move possible.

Second, this build also serves to let you know that Shane is now building on Seele Fly Rod blanks and can order any blank that they offer.

Shane wrote... "This Seele Fly Rods blank build marks a milestone for me, my 400th serial numbered fiberglass fly rod build.  

I started to serial number all main stay fiberglass builds shortly after I meet Cameron of The Fiberglass Manifesto and his love for fiberglass fly rods inspired me and countless others. 

I recall Mike McFarland offering fiberglass builds many years ago and with the advancements in his taper design, and trying out this 8'8" 6wt model at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo last month, I felt it was a great fit for #400. 

The #400 build consist of the Seele Fly Rods 8'8" six weight four piece fiberglass blank, a buckeye burl wood reel seat spacer, all blued hardware and a slim modest wells cork grip.  I wrapped the rod in light olive, tipped black with trim bands of antique gold.  All finished in spar varnish.  The action of the rod is smooth and progressive with a wonderful feel, and you won't forget the reserve power in this rod. 

This fly rod has been sold but I would also like to let everyone know that I can purchase blanks directly from Seele Fly Rods if you'd like to have one built for you as well."

Congratulations Shane.  Looking forward to seeing the next four hundred builds now.

Check out the Graywolf Rods website, Blog, and Facebook page to follow along with the latest builds and shop news.

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