Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Ladder Diaries - Day 3

After a day up in the mountains of California it was good to take one more crack at Pyramid Lake before we were all to head home the next day.  We arrived at the lake at dawn, geared up, and spent the next couple hours watching our indicators in the chop of the waves.

The morning was slower than we expected and I decided to change over to a sinking line, small streamer, and foam beetle which turned things around for me.  I ended up with quite a few tugs and caught several slightly better than average Lahontan Cutthroats through the day.


We ended up staying until late evening and then packed Derrol's Aliner up with the ladders, the YETI coolers, and whatever else we could cram in there to make our trip back to Reno.

Look for two more T.F.M. posts on this trip with one covering the clinic with Matt "Gilligan" Koles and then one with a breakdown of gear used on this trip.  I was over prepared in some ways and fell short in other preparations for the trip.

More in the next couple days. 


Gin Clear said...

Nice photos, Cam! Looks like a fun time.

Unknown said...

I've been following these posts! Like your Rod and Reel choices and the OUCH shot...they speak to the passion and intensity of the venture. I'm jealous!

Unknown said...

Look forward to the final two posts! Nicely done! Loved being their vicariously with you dudes!

Chase said...

Hey Cam are you still doing the gear post for Pyramid Lake?

Cameron Mortenson said...

Chase...things have been a bit sidelined with testing for a promotion at work. The "lost gear post" will go up soon.