Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Swift Fly Fishing "CARPCON" Discount

I like it that Swift Fly Fishing is a small enough company to always have their ear to the rumblings on the internet and as content from the #carpcon trip was rolling out with images of the Epic 888 and Bandit bent over on a few carp, Carl McNeil decided to give back to those that might be jonesing for a new fly rod. 

I am not quite sure when the 72 hours begins or ends, but figure you have three days from right now to pull the trigger on an Epic 888 or Bandit blank, kit, or built fly rods and get 15% off your purchase using the discount code "CARPCON".

Here's my quick take on both on both of these Epic fly rods with more complete reviews already in the works...

The Epic 888 is the fly rod I have been waiting for since Carl first started talking about heavier line weight offerings.  It hits a sweet spot perfectly and this is the one eight weight I can take anywhere for almost anything.  It handles floating and sinking lines wonderfully and being four pieces makes it a snap to travel with.  Think big flies, big fish, big water, and it can do it all.  

The Bandit is a ten weight fly rod that I really thought might be to much for most of what I do on the water but the recent trip to the PNW changed that idea almost immediately.  I didn't have a general purpose ten weight floating fly line and have instead been using a 9WF SharkWave GPX with great results.  The shorter length is great for punching casts in the wind and this fly rod has a lot of backbone for leveraging big fish to the net.  I was very impressed with it's ability to lay out short roll casts or take quick shots to cruising carp with dead on accuracy.  This fly rod is a lot of fun. 

Check out the Swift Fly Fishing website for more information and if you've been on the fence waiting to purchase an Epic 888 or Bandit then now is the time.

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