Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekend Giveaway - Carp Knowledge

I caught my first carp more or less accidentally over fifteen years ago while fishing a pond in Colorado.  There were three cruising carp and I laid out a black woolly bugger out in front of pack and slowly started twitching it as I retrieved.  For whatever reason, cause carp typically don't act like this, one broke from the pack a scarfed up the fly, turned, and ran me into the backing of my five weight.  I was kind of blown away and from then on, carp were on my radar.

Over the years my interest is carp has increased and I really think these fish are the best way for an fly fisherman to better their casting and presentation skills while increasing their confidence in every other angling situation along the way.  Carp are great teachers if you take the time to really figure them out.

Since I am away this week fly fishing for carp on the Columbia River (with a crew of absolute madmen), I thought that there could be no more perfect time for a giveaway of what I consider to be the height of modern carp knowledge with books from authors Kirk Deeter, Dan Fraiser, and Jay Zimmerman.

All three of these books have been published in the last several years and each are a tome on carp covering history, techniques, flies and fly tying, locations, how to read water, and so much more.  If you want to learn how to fly fish for carp, then these are all three essential reading.

This giveaway includes three book sets of The Orvis Guide To Fly Fishing For Carp by Kirk Deeter, The Best Carp Flies by Jay Zimmerman, and The Orvis Beginner's Guide To Carp Flies by Dan Frasier and tossed into the mix are the new H&H Outfitters Carp T-Shirt and, though not in the photograph, a Carp On The Fly cap too.

1.  Send an email to and let me know where you target carp or if you don't where you'd go if you knew what you were doing?

2.  Please send only ONE EMAIL submission per email address.  Duplicates will be deleted.

3.  Submissions will be accepted until 6:00 a.m. Monday, May 18th, 2015. 

4.  On Monday morning THREE WINNERS will be chosen by random number generator and then listed at the bottom of this post.  Winners will also be contacted by email as well.

5.  Each winner will each receive the following...
  • The Orvis Guide To Fly Fishing For Carp - Kirk Deeter
  • Best Carp Flies - Jay Zimmerman
  • The Orvis Beginner's Guide To Carp Flies - Dan Frasier
  • H&H Outfitters Carp T-Shirt
  • Carp On The Fly Hat

I know that it took several added days to pick the winners of this contest but the random number generator has picked the following three lucky ones (out of over 400 emails) who are going to get some seriously good carp knowledge...


Special thanks to Kirk, Jay, Dan, the Hudjohn brothers, and John for making this giveaway happen.


ArentYouDeadYet said...

I think what you fellas are doing to generate excitement around Carp fishing has the potential to explode in countries like Australia. Looking forward to following the progress 👍

benwa1022 said...

Who won the weekend giveaway?