Wednesday, June 10, 2015


It's coming and this year you'll get to play no matter where you live.  Carpers rejoice.

In years past, the CARPOCALYPSE event was centered in and around Portland, Oregon but these year the local Orvis shop, along with some very excellent sponsors, wanted to let everyone in on the good times.

Adam McNamera of Orvis wrote...   

"This is the fourth year in a row and we are super excited about having some awesome sponsors for this years event; Carp on the Fly, Costa Sunglasses, Carp Pro,and Scientific Anglers have all jumped on board to help us make this big. 

The dates of the tournament are June 13th through the 28th and there will be at least one challenge with a prize for everyday of the tournament. 

A person can just follow the link to register and they’re in, they will receive an email with an official emblem at midnight on the 12th that must be included in all of the pictures they submit for the tournament. As long as the picture was taken with the decal in it your pictures are eligible to be submitted for any of the daily challenges; in other words a picture from the 13th could still win the prize on the 28th if it is right for the challenge.

Everyone will want to take lots of pictures and check back daily to see if they match up with that days challenge.

This event is totally free this year and probably the most exciting change is that it is all done on Facebook and Instagram so you can participate from wherever you happen to live and fish.

There are a few other rules like it is a fly fishing only so no bait, gaffs, spearguns, etc. but its all pretty straight forward."

Want to be a part of this excellent event?  Register HERE.

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