Tuesday, September 1, 2015

American Made Flies - Chase's ICU Cricket

You might remember the mention the other day in the "10 For Summer" post of American Made Flies.  Since then the AMF blog has turned into a full fledged website and Chase Pritchett took the time to photograph his ICU Cricket for a step by step tutorial.

Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of the page for some information on a giveaway of a dozen Chase's ICU Crickets in black and tan which are housed in a new Brook Box.

Hook - Tiemco 2302
Thread - UTC 140
Eyes - Hareline Mono Eyes - Medium/Black
Dubbing - Hareline Ice Dub Peacock
Body/Rear Legs - 2mm Foam
Flash - Hareline Krystal Flash
Front Legs - Flexi-Floss
Wing - Hareline Micro Thin Foam

Here's the step by step on tying Chase's ICU Cricket...

Attach the mono eyes toward the front of the hook with a few figure eight wraps and
apply Zap-a-gap to ensure a firm hold.

Cut a piece of 2mm foam about the width of the hook gap and twice the length of the hook. Cut a “V”-point that is about half the overall length of the hook.

Center and insert the hook point about 1/3 from the flat end of the foam.

Slide the foam towards to rear of the hook. Finish wrapping the thread towards the rear of the hook stopping at the barb.

Secure the foam on the underside of the hook just above the barb. Secure thread with Zap-a-gap.

Dub the Ice peacock to cover the thread wraps. Repeat previous two steps creating two segments. This should cover 2/3 of the hook shank.

Use scissors to make a hole at the joints where you made the “V”-point earlier.

Pull the “V”-point over the eye of the eye of the hook and secure the point just behind the mono eyes.

To make the rear legs; cut a piece of 2mm foam about the length of the hook and width of the hook gap. 

Using a sharp pair of scissors cut the foam diagonally (from opposing corners). 

You should be left with two identical right triangles.

Using the Flexi-floss, cut two 1” pieces and make a loose overhand knot in each.

Place the tip portion of the triangle in the overhand knot of the flexi-floss and pull tight. Then clip the tag that appears less anatomical. (For those of you that have no clue what that means, open a biology book).

Tie the assembled leg in at the last body segment. Tie in lower angle of foam leaving the opposite exposed. (It helps to angle the rear of the leg upward in order to maintain accurate anatomy and to prevent obstruction from hook-sets). Repeat this step for the opposite leg. Once legs are attached make adjustments as needed.

Take about 12 strands of the flash and tie in directly between the legs. Trim the Flash just behind the rear of the body.

Cut a piece of Micro thin foam about the length of the body and cut an inward “V”-notch in the rear. Attach the wing in front of the legs.

Tie in a 3/4” piece on Flexi-floss on both sides of the thorax in front of the rear legs.

Dub a generous amount of the ice peacock leaving a small gap behind the forward legs.

Tie a piece of 2mm foam about the width of the hook gap and half the length of the hook onto the gap left in front of the dubbed thorax. This step will push the wing and legs down a little bit. Trim the forward piece of the foam behind the mono eyes.

An optional peep sight can be added and you have the finished fly.

Chase was very gracious to send a dozen of his ICU Crickets and Brook Fishing Equipment provided one of their The Brook Box for a great prize to giveaway.

To participate in the giveaway please go to the T.F.M. Instagram page and leave a comment on the above image of where you'd fish these crickets.

A winner will be chosen by random number generator on Friday.  Good luck.

Take some time and check out American Made Flies website and follow along on Instagram and Facebook too.

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joshua citrak said...

Very clever pattern. The rear leg assembly is pretty darn cool.