Friday, September 4, 2015

Microadventures Are Rad

It's Friday before a much needed long weekend so let's let Dave Zielinski of Down Home Fly Fishing jump us off with a couple fresh "microadventure" shorts that he's been working on. 

I think a lot of us working full time and then some with a family types could and should get into this "microadventure" push. I like the equation of these videos with a half of minute to fill with music, the experience, a good fish, and maybe a quirky moment to make us laugh.

Dave gets it and wrote...  "I’m making these 20-30 second quick videos a lot lately.  I’m on the “microadventure” thing.  Kind of a “You don’t have a lot of time mid week to go all out, but at least go on a mission sort-of-thing” and have a little fun with it."

The Down Home Fly Fishing website is still in the works but follow along on the Instagram page for the latest inspiration and after work (or playing hooky) haunt that he's laying a line down on.

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