Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Flood Prints For Lowcounty Flood Relief

Photographer Jeremiah Clark and friends were messing around in downtown Charleston as the water was rising and the images from their unique "flood tide" session kind of went viral online in short order.

Jeremiah decided to turn their hijinks into a way to help those affected by the flooding and is selling Joaquin Flood prints with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross in the lowcountry.

Jeremiah Clark wrote...  "A couple of photos I took yesterday of the flooding in Charleston have been making the rounds on social media, and a few people have contacted me about having prints made. I thought this would be a better idea...

Joaquin Flood Prints - 8X12 - $25 Shipped

All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross Lowcountry South Carolina to help those affected by the flooding.

I won't make even one cent off any of these, so please even if you aren't interested in a print, share this on your feed and let's make a difference!"

Click HERE to purchase your print and make a donation to those in need.


three mile lyle said...

Hang tough guys.

The FFR has been sending best wishes as well.

daveo said...

What kind of watercraft was that?

Cameron Mortenson said...

TML...thank you. Found those comments on FFR and responded back.

daveo...that is a Gheenoe I believe.