Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Zane Porter's Dispatch From Montucky

An image popped up on Facebook yesterday of two pieces of artwork that Zane Porter had finished up and it got me wondering what he's been up to this summer as it edges into fall.  A quick message exchange between Zane and I took place and he passed along this dispatch with images on how he's spent the last several months in Montana working at Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn.

For the record, I am a total pushover for these fish on maps art that Zane has been creating over the last year.

Zane wrote...  "When I got the opportunity to work for Kelly Galloup at his Slide Inn this summer it didn't take me long to think on it. Within weeks I was along for the drive from South Carolina to Montana, tying musky flies in motels along the way.  It was May and I was already prepping for October.  I was stoked on the fact to be working for Kelly than anything else.  I didn't do any guiding this season for him and I just worked the shop and talked fishing.  People from all over the country stopped by and I thought I knew a lot about fishing until I worked there for the entire summer.

The western hatches and places I explored inspired a lot of new work.  If I wasn't working then I was fishing and if I wasn't fishing then I was tying and if I wasn't tying I was making art.  I have definitely grown a lot as an angler, tier, and artist over the summer.

As the season comes to an end, I plan on getting back home soon after a trip to the north woods for a little musky action.  Then it's back to guiding in western North Carolina.  I plan on focusing pretty strongly on my artwork this winter and pretty excited to see how all this traveling and fishing fuels my work.  I really appreciate everyone that follows my work and keeps the passion alive.  It means a lot!"

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Amazed Daily said...

We've got a lot of great young guns coming up in the fly fishing community. It makes me feel good about the future.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Amazed Daily...I agree. The future is squarely in their hands and I'm excited to see where it goes.