Thursday, December 17, 2015

T.F.M. STORE - 5 Last Minute Gifts

Want to hack off everyone at the U.S. Post Office?  Go in like I did and after an hour of sending off Tacky Retro Fly Christmas Koozies (there are still a few ready to go if interested) packages, I left with a paper receipt that was over eight foot long.  No joke.

What I did find out is that Priority packages can be sent as late as Monday and still arrive in time for Christmas, so let's go shopping.  You deserve it.  I mean, someone in your life deserves it.

Here's five stellar last minute gifts from the T.F.M. Store...

Give the gift of glass.  All three models (6'6" 3/4 weight, 7' 5/6 weight, 8' 5/6 weight) are in stock and ready to ship for $45 each.

I've said it over and over but there just isn't a better bang (or more fun) than these yellow sticks.

Handmade of heavy weight nylon fabric and available in multiple colors with either the Retro Fly or Comrade patch.  $20 without a jar and $25 with a jar included.

There are no fly boxes that are more popular than the Tacky Fly Boxes.  All three models in stock and ready to ship with the Day Pack ($20), The Original ($25), and the Big Bug Box ($32). 

The Vedavoo crew went to work in the shop on a batch of Super Fly Wallets in Woodland Camo with the Comrade patch affixed to the front flap.  These well built fly wallets are sure to be a favorite and can hold all your streamers and swing flies in style.  $50 shipped and worth every penny.

Like I mentioned, there are still a few Tacky Retro Fly Christmas Koozie packages available, but I also have a good stock of Black, Blaze Orange, Dark Green, Spring Camo, and Fall Camo koozies ready to go as well.  These 2mm neoprene koozies will keep your favorite brew totally chill.  $5 for one or $8 for two shipped.

Oh yeah, one more idea which is great with an array of T.F.M. decals to chose from.  $3 each or four for $10 with $2 shipping.  P.S...the large Comrade decals are $5 each.

All orders include a few T.F.M. decals and I can take PayPal, check, or credit card for payment.

Check out the T.F.M. Store page for more information and to place an order, send an email to

Thanks for the support.


Eunan said...


Do the large tacky boxes have the dual slot insert? can you put flies on each side of the entry hole, or is that just on the day pack?


Cameron Mortenson said...

Eunan...are you talking about the Big Bug Box? Inserts are anywhere you see a slit. It holds a lot of flies and my favorite box out of the three offered.