Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Playing With Matches

The children and I had a day off together on Monday and spent the better part of the afternoon up in the woods on the family property with the Ghillie Kettle, a small cook set, a pack of matches, ramen noodles, hatchets, BB guns, pocket knives, and of course, hot chocolate.

Hadley and Finn worked on their fire starting skills (though cheating with matches) and had a good time collecting twigs, moss, leaves to create small quick burning blazes.  They are both kinda of freaked out about starting a match and this was good learning for them with little worry of starting much of a fire as we're still drying out after what seems like months of off and on rain.  It was neat to see them work out how a little dry tinder and a flame could be worked up into a small fire.   They had a great time and the four hours outside whizzed by.

It was fun capturing the children at play with the 35mm and 50mm lenses dialed down with low f/stops.  These are precious days and I want to remember all of it.


Mike Sepelak said...

Next you'll have them running with scissors.


Justin Carf said...

Looks like you all had yourself a good time. Great pictures, too!

rcspott said...

The pic below the sliced apples, isn't it easier to pick a twig out of the fire with a hot ember on the end to light the cigarettes? You don't want the children burning their hands.... Fun Day!

Domenick Swentosky said...

Very cool.