Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The MadPlaider Paints By Numbers

You know I get a kick out of Instagram and the other day I started following Dale Yohe, a.k.a. @madplaider, when he started posting a few of images of a brook trout paint by numbers project that he was working on.  Art like this certainly have a very north woods feel and I've been in a few cabins where this piece would have fit in perfect.

I asked Dale if he would mind sharing the step by steps of how his art came together along with a few lines of narrative on where he's coming from.

Dale wrote...  "First off, I’m not an artist other than some random wine/painting events I have done with my girlfriend.  I always dig the look of the paint by number paintings, because they just have that old school look and they make for perfect game room and cabin d├ęcor!  I have plans to build a cabin in a couple years and I think that is the main reason why I started these.  Most of my painting is done on Sunday evenings, because it is good way to wind down, relax and de-stress before the upcoming work week."

Follow Dale Yohe on Instagram at @madplaider.  He's working on a few future projects that will be worth checking out.