Thursday, March 24, 2016

FH Paddock Fly Rods - New Designs & Offerings

I would guess it was sometime last summer when I started to hear that rod builder Fred Paddock of FH Paddock Fly Rods was working on some new designs and offerings.  Months later this is now a reality with five new fly rods recently unveiled.  Early reports from those who have cast these fly rods have all been very positive.  I'm sure that Fred has another set of winners on his very capable hands. 

Fred Paddock sent along a few images and narrative to better explain his objectives for these new series of fiberglass fly rods.  

Fred wrote...  "The goal for this series of rods was to build a quality fishing rod, rods that allow you to concentrate on the fish you're fishing to. When casting is second nature, your focus goes to the fish you're casting to... this improves your fishing. I didn't get hung up on blank colors and such. I wanted to build a classic line of fiberglass with timeless looks and pure function. F.H. Paddock Fly Rods are built from my own mature and practiced hands using high quality materials and construction methods. If the rod has my signature on the butt section, you can expect excellent balance and perfect actions. The blanks are built in the USA to my specifications, they are proprietary to me. I have devoted a lot of time in developing this series of rods, those who have cast them have seen this first hand. The rods actions are exceptionally smooth, the action and recovery delivers a line without shock. I can only build a limited number of rods per year, usually 25-35 per year. I do plan to launch a website in the future, it's something that I will eventually get around to doing. I currently have a Facebook page. I do not offer blanks, only completed rods. The rods are $675.00 plus shipping and insurance. 

Fly rods designed for the demands of trout fishing while utilizing the unique qualities of fiberglass as a rodmaking material. This series was conceived from personal fishing experiences and has been developed on the water. Each model was designed individually. Every rod shares some traits that I seek in a fly rod, yet they are different in the demands of their specific uses.

7'0" - #5 - 2 Pieces
Appalachian brook trout rod that delivers the goods, light in hand and delicate like a three weight, with the line control of a five weight. The flex profile is medium fast, with a nice recovery. Fine tipped classic "Catskill" feel, yet instantly makes you aware that the taper is exceptional.

7'9"- #4- 3 Pieces
My venture into the realm of light line trout rods. A perfect action and balance. Light in hand and very accurate. The fine tip with outstanding loop control is a perfect blend for this medium action taper.

8'0"- #5 - 3 Pieces
Eastern US trout rod, well mannered and a pleasure to fish. Medium action rod that can fish in close and reach as needed. The balance that is difficult to achieve.

8'3"- #6 - 3 Pieces
The perfect balance of finesse and power... it's sweet. The first time I cast the finished taper, I knew I had something special. Medium action that really delivers.

8'6"- #7 - 3 Pieces
Trout rod, smooth transition to present in close and reach out. Medium action that can present a delicate line, and deliver a streamer with use. I kept this rod in mind for smallmouth bass fishing too."

Please visit the FH Paddock Fly Rods Facebook page for more information.  To contact Fred Paddock, please send an email to

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