Monday, March 14, 2016

Kids Don't Listen To The Weatherman

Sunday morning I was up early and could already hear the rain coming down.  I checked the weather and it said 80% chance of rain.  All day.  Damn.

When Hadley and Finn woke up they had a plan of getting out on the pond and I tried to push them off since it was raining and likely to stay that way.  They wouldn't take no for an answer and we all hurried around grabbing up gear for a quick trip in the kayaks before a late breakfast.

Since Hadley and Finn wanted to fish while paddling I ran up to the attic and found a packed away tackle box that had a few pre-rigged plastic worms and small spinners that I thought would work well on their spinning rods.  It's also time for them to learn something new instead of watching a bobber with a cricket underneath.

We finished packing up the golf cart and hitched up the kayak trailer for the short trip through the woods to the pond.  As soon as we arrived, it began to downpour and admittedly I was grumbling a bit since I could see getting everything set up only for Hadley and Finn to suddenly want to head home.  They were persistent and thank goodness so since not fifteen minutes later the rain stopped and fifteen minutes after that the sun came out.  Go figure.

Hadley and Finn both had a great time casting the worms and working them back.  I took a couple of casts and had forgotten how much fun it is to see a plastic worm dancing and weaving it's way back on the slow retrieve.

I was casting a streamer up against the bank when I heard Hadley yell out that she had something.  A moment later a spunky bass took the air and bent her fiberglass spinning rod over.  I paddled over just as she was slipping her thumb in it's lower jaw and lifted it up for a couple camera snaps before she let it go.  Both of them saw that the worm works and that bass gave them some confidence to keep at it.

Around ten o'clock we figured that it was time to head back for breakfast and get our day going a few different directions with weekend chores, a birthday party, and Finn's soccer game.   

It was good getting a pond fix and I'm so glad that the kids don't listen to the weatherman.


Howard Levett said...

I'd say Hadley and Finn are chips off the old block. Well done old block!

Kevin Frank said...

That's a nice setup. What kind of boat is your son in?

Cameron Mortenson said...

Howard...I'm trying. They sure do like being on the pond. Hopefully some more time out there this weekend.

Kevin...Finn has more or less taken over my Diablo Chupacabra. Maybe my favorite fly fishing kayak.