Friday, April 29, 2016

TY OUTDOORS - OGR16 Limited Edition Yeti Cooler

I've been following guide and artist Ty Hallock of Ty Outdoors for quite some time on Instagram and his artwork on Cliff Boxes and YETI Coolers is so excellent.  As he was getting ready to knock out a YETI Cooler for the recent Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula, I asked if he'd chronicle the lid art with a step by step for a T.F.M. post.

Imagine, some lucky (sonofabitch) winner walked away with this special cooler at the end of the weekend.

Ty wrote...  "Whenever I do a YETI Cooler lid, I start with a carbon pen or a charcoal pen to lay out the basic shape of the fish and make sure the proportions are right.  Then comes the black Sharpie outline and start a little shading.  Next I add in the darker shades and bleed some of the color out of the black then I work my way into lighter colors.  Then I work my way to the back of the fish adding direction with shading and color.  Next is adding details of the eye and fins.  Lastly, I use a white oil base sharpie to add highlights and water marks to finish it all off."

Check out the Ty Outdoors website and follow along on Instagram too.

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