Monday, June 20, 2016

Saturday Morning At The Flood Tide Co. Lab

This past weekend I made a quick run down to Charleston with some hopes of geting on the water and look for a redfish or whatever.  A broken boat, lousy weather, and busy guide friends changed my plans once I was there but thankful to Paul Puckett and Will Abbott at Flood Tide Co. for letting me crash on their couch for a night.

On Saturday morning before leaving, I walked around the house that the Flood Tide Co. calls home and snapped some images with my 50mm lens.  I am always interested in where inspiration comes from and the Flood Tide Co. building is one part studio for artist Paul Puckett, one part office and warehouse for their growing apparel company, and then one part living room (call it a lounge or think tank) with sound equipment to record the "Barely Live" podcast, day drink, hold "business" meetings, or whatever other hijinks happen along the way.

I dig seeing where artists and small businesses work and from paint brushes to baby doll heads to vinyl LPs, the Flood Tide Co. lab is one wonderfully weird place.  Here's a few images from my walk through on Saturday morning before leaving.

Thanks again boys for the place to rest me head.  Proof that I'm not too old to couch surf though I wish I had brought a towel for the shower as I had to dry off with a couple small wash cloths I found at Publix.  It worked but didn't really work at the same time.

Check out the Flood Tide Co. website and like I mentioned in "10 For Spring", use discount code "FIBERGLASS" for 15% off your order.  Promo code is good through tomorrow.

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Mike Sepelak said...

THAT was fun. THANKS!