Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I haven't talked about it for awhile but the Fly Fishing Collective is doing some very interesting not really related to fly fishing at all work with building sustainable farms in third world countries to prevent children from being sold into the sex slave industry.  Kind of a heavy undertaking for a pastime that many of us take for mere folly.

An email popped into my inbox this morning that Casey Underwood Art is donating 100% of proceeds from his Etsy store today to the Fly Fishing Collective as they raise funds to start two new farms in Kenya.  This is a one day deal so don't delay.  Prints start at $12.  Skip going out to lunch and buy a print instead.  It'll last longer than that greasy burger and fries.

I purchased the Lahotan Cutthroat print as a way to remember last year's trip to Pyramid Lake and look forward to having this framed up for the office.

Take a few minutes and visit the Casey Underwood Art Etsy page and consider making a purchase to further the mission and vision of the Fly Fishing Collective.  What they are doing is important. 


Jared Zissu said...

This is Awesome, Well Done Casey.
Hey Cam, we (Flylords) Teamed up with Casey last week and donated that American Trout Design towards Project healing Waters, just so you know ( : Keep up the awesome work. Hope to see you at I Cast

Anonymous said...


Thank you very much for the share yesterday and I'm glad to hear you found one of Casey's print to remind you of your recent trip.

From all at Fly Fishing Collaborative, we appreciate you, your content and your continued communication support. All the best to you, friend.

-David Fineran

Fly Fishing Collaborative