Saturday, September 10, 2016

JP Ross Fly Rods, Trout Power & South Inlet Revival

I have known Jordan Ross of JP Ross Fly Rods for as long as I have writing this website and along with doing a lot of work creating special small stream fiberglass fly rods, I have also watched him build Trout Power, which is a initiative focused on clean water and wild trout habitat in New York.

Over the last year, the work of Trout Power in the Adirondacks has come clearer into focus and what started several years ago as a annual weekend angling competition and festival to raise awareness has now turned to a dedicated project to study and protect native brook trout.

Jordan Ross wrote...  "There was a man named Arpad Gerster who back in the late 1800's documented his fishing experiences on the South Inlet of Raquette Lake and Lost Brook.  This documented evidence gave historic significance to the fish that now live there.  It just so happens that right on the water is a National Historic Landmark called Great Camp Sagamore.  The Great Camp Sagamore was approached by Trout Power and asked if members could survey the water to see what they could find.

Scientific evidence showed that back in 1999 the water was tested in this region and the PH level was the same as vinegar at less that 5.0.  The state did not even know if there were still fish in this watershed.  Trout Power has found that there still are native brook trout there and are using the data to help people like the NYS DEC and Trout Unlimited make data driven decisions to help protect these wild fish.

Trout Power has now added John Montesfusco as their chairman of their board, and John has led the group so strongly and with such support, that they are now converting to a full non-profit so they can be established and get more done.

If all goes well, Trout Power will work with Great Camp Sagamore and have over 10 miles of watershed listed as protected historic brook trout water, never to be stocked, and deemed catch and release angling only. This will be a huge win for Conservation and specifically brook trout in the North East.

What does any of this matter if we have nothing to pass down to the next generation that gives them momentum to create positive change for existing conservation issues?"

For more information, please visit the JP Ross Fly Rods website for more information and look for a full length documentary on the work of Trout Power.

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