Tuesday, September 20, 2016

VEDAVOO - The Seam Sling

Scott Hunter at Vedavoo has a fresh line up of products which he launched at ICAST a few weeks ago and recently put together a video to talk about the Seam Sling, which is worth a watch as he goes feature by feature on this new pack.

Want to see the rest of the new line up?  Check out the Mammoth, River Quiver or Salt Quiver, Netster, and the No-Kink Reel Case.

Want something special?  Have Vedavoo hand build it just for you.


spike said...

Wow. I'm a side bag guy because none of the sling packs I've tried seem to stay out of the way. This looks like engineering team might actually be fly fishers. Really like the balance part. Looks like it will hold lunch, too. One box, a flask, and lunch. Perfect. I might have to Vedavoo for Christmas.

Bugger all.

Nathan Mcleod said...

interesting .. I was fishing a sling with a side strap and a chest pouch but found that it always comes of my shoulder so I switched to a side bag I wonder if this one is more balanced.?

Robert Piparo said...

I have a few smaller products from Vedavoo, and the quality is amazing... I cannot wait to upgrade my pack system.

Jacob Murray said...

Price point is a bit outlandish though...

Cameron Mortenson said...

spike... Have you been good enough for Santa to bring it?

Nathan... Scott is typically a whiz on how his packs and slings fit. I bet it stays in place.

Robert... Solid products "Made In U.S.A".

Jacob... Really? For a handmade pack of top quality materials sourced of U.S.A. made textiles and then made in the U.S.A. as well?