Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rep Your Water #glassisnotdead Knit Hats - In Stock & Shipping

I arrived home last night to find a large box from Rep Your Water marked "HEAVY" sitting just inside the door that was filled with several hundred of the new #glassisnotdead Knit Hats inside.  I spent a couple hours last night packaging up all the pre-orders which will go in the mail this morning.  Fingers crossed they make it before Christmas.

Want one?  The Rep Your Water #glassisnotdead Knit Hat are $25.00 each shipped.  I can take PayPal, check, or credit card.  Additional shipping costs will be necessary for international orders.

All orders will be shipped with a Retro Fly koozie and T.F.M. decals.

To order, please email

Thanks for the support and looking forward to seeing where these all end up.


Eunan said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for the emails..looking forward to the boggans.

Unknown said...
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Bob Smith said...

Got mine today. Temps were close to 50 today but I still wore it around town and I'm wearing it while I sit on my couch typing this comment.
Love it.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Eunan... Next trip to the Post Office will be Tuesday...

Unknown... Hopefully yours arrives soon, like today.

Bob Smith... REPRESENT.