Thursday, April 13, 2017

VEDAVOO X T.F.M. No-Kink Reel Cases

New Vedavoo gear offerings continue to pop up in the T.F.M. Store with a fresh batch of No-Kink Reel Cases in stock and ready to ship.  These No-Kink Reel Cases were made in three sizes in Woodland Camo with Comrade or Retro Fly patches affixed on the cover flap.

Like all Vedavoo gear, the No-Kink Reel Cases are a great design and made from heavy duty U.S.A. made nylon fabrics.  Vedavoo gear will last a lifetime...and then some.

The No-Kink Reel Cases are available in three sizes of Small, Medium, and Large which fit the following fly reels:

Small - Up to 3" in Diameter Reel
Medium - Up to 3 1/2" in Diameter Reel
Large - Up to 4" in Diameter Reel

The No-Kink Reel Cases are priced at $30 each shipped with T.F.M. and Vedavoo decals.  Orders this month will also receive a complimentary high quality neoprene Retro Fly koozie included in the order.

I can accept PayPal, check, or credit card for payments.  Please send an email to to place an order.

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