Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hola & Adios From The Palometa Club

One of the fellows on the recent trip to the Palometa Club said it best in a text message to the group that "Re-entry is tough, Boys".  Six days on the pointy end of a panga on Ascension Bay went by way too fast and even though I've still yet to touch a permit, the trip was so well worth it. 

The Palometa Club is dialed in on so many levels and Punta Allen, along with the people that call this end of a long bumpy road town their home, make this a very special place that I already can't wait to return to.  

It's been a long time since The Fiberglass Manifesto went into hibernation mode for this many days in a row but the internet at the lodge was spotty at best and since returning, my hands have been full playing catch up at home and work.  It's time to dive back into it. 

I've got a few hundred photos to weed through, words to put together, and looking forward to telling the story of this most excellent trip.  Here we go...

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