Sunday, July 9, 2017

WANDERING BLUE LINES - Bonefish & Shrimp Flies

It's been awhile since Tyler Hackett of Wandering Blue Lines has been highlighted here but that certainly doesn't mean that he hasn't been honing his woodcut skills to perfection.  His latest project involves a series of specific fish species matched with fly and a third layer of circles all in different inks.  The end results are striking and the evolution of these pieces have been fun to watch come together on Tyler's social media pages.

I asked Tyler if I could share his latest piece with Bonefish and Shrimp Flies and he graciously provided a series of high quality step by step photographs for this post.

Along with the Bonefish with Shrimp Flies, Tyler has already completed the Atlanta Salmon with Bombers and Trout with Dry Flies prints as well.

Want to see more or purchase your own print?  Check out the Wandering Blue Lines website and be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram as well.


Dan Mitchell said...

Those circles are making my eyes hurt! Thanks for highlighting printmakers on your sight, Cameron.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Dan... No problem. Great to see artists taking their craft in different directions.