Friday, September 15, 2017

KICKSTARTER - ripplebox

There are just a few days to go for the Kickstarter push for ripplebox, an innovative fly box idea which uses a silicone insert where the tension between the folds will hold your flies in twelve channels.  The silicone is grippy and yet should live longer than most other fly box inserts since the hook is held in place in the fold and not by hook point.

Though I haven't put hands on a fly box, the team at ripplebox sent a small fly patch clip that they created on a 3-D printer which utilizes the same silicone insert and the idea is genius.  Flies are held quite securely but can be easily pulled from the channel when chosen.  

Click through to the ripplebox Kickstarter page for more information, the video, and jump in to support this project while there is still time.

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Author said...

I don't normally do this but had to this time. Yeah, the 'investment' is a little pricey but it looks like a good product with good potential. Time will tell!