Thursday, October 5, 2017

KORKERS X STLHD: Limited Edition Devil's Canyon Wading Boots

I've put A LOT of tough terrain water miles on my Korkers Devil's Canyon wading boots and have been nothing but impressed. Earlier this year Korkers collaborated with STLHD on a limited edition run of STLHD Devil's Canyon Wading Boots which are complete with a few aesthetic changes (STLHD badging and orange thread stitching) but more importantly each pair comes with a custom sole offering with AlumaTrax and Black Felt soles.

The Devil's Canyon wading boots have been rock solid and held up to some serious abuse over the past couple of years with nearly zero wear.  Check out a T.F.M. write up from last year after returning from some glorious days in Wyoming and Montana in this Tailgate Gear Review and know that these boots continue to perform.

Only 350 pairs of the STLHD Devil's Canyon Wading Boots were made so best not to delay in ordering yourself a pair.

Visit the Korkers website for more information or to find the dealer nearest you.

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