Sunday, November 19, 2017

SWIFT FLY FISHING - Lunar AC2 Hubless Fly Reel

Truth told, I am a complete pushover for a uniquely designed fly reel.  Vintage, contemporary, click or disc, there is just something about a fly reel with a design that grabs the attention.  The soon to be released Lunar AC2 Hubless Fly Reel from Swift Fly Fishing has had my eye for quite some time now as Carl McNeil has been teasing this project for years.

The wait is about over and as of this morning there are still 100 out of 150 First Issue First Edition fly reels available, though they may not last much longer.  The Lunar AC2 is recommended for fly lines 5, 6, and 7 and this would make a perfect match on your Epic 580 or Epic 686.  Think about it.

From the Swift Fly Fishing website...  "Four years in design and development, the remarkable LUNAR AC2 is the result of a design collaboration between bespoke reel maker Alex Kaplun and Swift founder Carl McNeil. 

Fully CNC machined from cold forged tempered 6061-T6 aluminum, the unique LUNAR AC2 is a large arbor hubless fly reel suitable for freshwater.

The LUNAR AC2 features a new take on the click pawl drag, a large arbour spool with exposed rim for palming, a unique three pillar full cage frame which will not snag or jam fly lines and comes in a ballistic nylon presentation case and includes a neoprene field pouch."

Pre-orders will be shipped in early January to keep international parcels out of the holiday postal mess and hopefully decrease the chance of an order being lost in the mail.

Please visit the Swift Fly Fishing website for more information and to get your order in.

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