Wednesday, November 22, 2017

TIGHT LOOPS - Notes From The Road: Entry No. 2

Maybe you're not working today (lucky...) or maybe you're at work and still not getting anything done.  Thanksgiving's tomorrow and hopefully you're off on Friday too to enjoy a long four day bender of too much family, food, drink, and whatever else you have planned. 

Either way, get lost in the latest Notes From The Road dispatch from Tight Loops.  I really enjoy how they are telling these stories.

Visit the Tight Loops website for more and be sure to follow along on Instagram and Vimeo as well.

AND...  Bullwinkle, their aged VW camper, is in need of some care and they have a Bonfire Campaign going for a few more days to raise the funds needed for a fix. Buy a shirt or sweatshirt even if you don't think you need it. Come on, you really do need it after all.  

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