Friday, January 5, 2018

Ascension Bay Permit Tournament 2017

One of my favorite nights while at The Palometa Club in Punta Allen, Mexico from last spring was taking a walk around town and getting a feel for the place.  It had rained that evening and the four of us walked around town barefoot through the puddles on the mostly sand roadways.  It was late enough that not much was open but everyone we meet was friendly.  We happened across a backyard cantina where we enjoyed some authentic fare cooked off a mask shift cast iron griddle.  It was a good night.

Through the week we were able to get to know the guides, learn about their families and really see what kind of impact the the various fly fishing lodges and events like the Ascension Bay Permit Tournament have within the local economy and how it supports those who live, work, and raise their children there.

Though our trip was several weeks before this tournament, it gives great insight to how important fly fishing is to the Punta Allen community.  More information on the Ascension Bay Permit Tournament can be found on their website.   

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