Monday, January 29, 2018

#NowOrNeverglades Call to Action

Now Or Neverglades is organizing a call to action and asking you to take a few moments to contact Florida Governor Bill Scott asking to cancel sugar companies leases and make needed changes to the reservoir for a plan that will work to the benefit of the Everglades.

From Now Or Neverglades...  "We have an urgent call to action for those who care about the Everglades! Contact FL Gov. Rick Scott today! The Water Management District failed to properly design the EAA Reservoir. The scientists say this project needs a lot more land to fix the problems. Two sugar companies are leasing 18,000 acres of taxpayer land nearby and refuse to budge. Tell Gov. Scott to cancel the leases on our land, so the District can deliver a reservoir plan that will work! Please watch the following video to learn more and use this link to learn more and contact the Governor: Thank you for your support!"

Visit the Now Or Neverglades website for more information.  Jump on Twitter and urge @FLGovScott to cancel the 18,000 acre Big Sugar leases and tell @SFWMD to deliver a reservoir that works! Remember to use hashtag #NowOrNeverglades in your posts as well.

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