Sunday, January 7, 2018

THE MODERN FLY - The Modern Doodle Poster

In third grade my desk assignment was beside this kid who was always doodling on the edges of his papers, sometimes in one of his text books, and he had a style that I just couldn't do with my own elementary art.  I spent a lot of time sketching back then but my style was more Audubon way less about fun scribbles.  I was always kinda envious looking over at his desk that he could make everything so playful with his artwork. 

I'm still drawn to those who can expertly doodle and graphic designer Jerry Tanner of The Modern Fly has a style that I really dig which mixes simple lines with color and freestyle. 

The Modern Doodle Poster puts 100 pieces of fly art on a single page and this was the end result of a 100 day project where Jerry created a fly each day. 

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Jerry and I are working on a few ideas to highlight more of his digital artwork this year but I thought that The Modern Doodle Poster would be a good way to start things off.

Take a few minutes and check out The Modern Fly and be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter.


Ralph Long said...

Very cool! Love the way he captures the "personality" of the patterns with his style.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Ralph... No kidding. So fun.