Friday, April 27, 2018

MOLDY CHUM - Throwback to Before You Knew Better Photo Contest

Oh man, when I think back (20 some years and counting) to when I started fishing, and soon after that fly fishing, there are likely some cringe moments that I'm glad aren't out in the digital cloud.  Leave it to Moldy Chum to rehash old memories with their "Throwback to Before You Knew Better" photo contest which kicked off this week and ends on May 10, 2018

I did a quick flip through an old photo album this morning with images from over two decades ago on brook and lake trout trips into the Ontario backcountry.  I'd sure like to get back there with a fly rod again.

Want in?  You're playing for some great prizes from Sage so it's time to dive into that stack of shoe boxes in your closet that are full of fishing memories bygones ago.

Visit the Moldy Chum website for the rules and more info.  

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Kevin Frank said...

Fun, I sent and entry in.