Wednesday, April 11, 2018

ORVIS: 50/50 On The Water

Orvis has been building on the focused idea of opening the door wider to bring more women into fly fishing for well over a year now with the 50/50 On The Water campaign.  Orvis's push for gender parity in the sport of fly fishing jumped forward this week with a new website and this video going live.    

Along with this video and others, there have been some great interviews already posted on the website that are worth a look...

ORVIS Interview:  Kami Swingle
ORVIS Interview:  Katie Cahn
ORVIS Interview:  Jen Ripple
ORVIS Interview:  Hilary Hutcheson

Visit the Orvis 50/50 On The Water website for more information, upcoming events, videos and more.

1 comment:

dianne lemmon said...

I think Orvis misses the boat with this video.
I love the video but they need to lose the recording at the beginning. Why validate the caller at all? Just delete his voicemail and continue on.
In my 27 years of fly fishing I have never had a man say anything discouraging about my desire to fly fish and even if they did I would ignore them and still continue to fly fish.
After all I don’t fly fish to prove anything,
fly fish to escape society’s judgments of me and where Mother Nature is the ultimate judge of all.
He is right to an extent, we don’t need a gender war, there’s already too much of that elsewhere in our lives.
If Orvis really wants to learn how to encourage and empower women to fly fish they should really watch the Abel Women video.