Saturday, August 4, 2018

Connection | Fly Fishing the Au Sable River

What is now going on twenty-five years ago (I don't like that math at all) I learned to fly fish on the lake of a Christian camp that I worked summers at that was just outside of Grayling, Michigan.  After that first summer of teaching myself how to cast a fly rod and catching way too many bluegills on foam spiders, the following summer I arrived at camp with a thrift store bamboo rod, a box of dry flies and started venturing across the street to the Au Sable River any time I wasn't tied up with something at camp.  I would try to skip out on dinner dish duties and sometimes could hear my name being called on the loud speaker as I drove out of camp with the windows down.  Those evening mayfly hatches and sipping trout were just too much.  I never caught anything big that first summer fishing the river but every night would make it back to camp just before lights out and would crawl into my bunk with a smile on my face.  Damn, those were good times.

The Au Sable River was my teacher and I'll always feel a connection to that entire area of northern Michigan.  This latest short film from Pure Michigan really captures the magic and pull of fly fishing on that hallowed river.

If you've never been, you need to go.

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Spencer DT said...

3:45 that's my car to the right. I was fishing where they filmed some of this.