Sunday, August 26, 2018


Instagram continues to be a treasure trove of all things new and cool within the fly fishing and outdoor industry and I came across FinAddict Gear the other day and really liked this take on Gadsden flag with these "DON'T TREAD ON REDDS" series of decals.

The other cool thing?  Cardo of FinAddict Gear gives 50% of decal sales to conservation.

Cardo wrote...  "Thanks again for spreading the word.  I donate 50% of all sticker profit (not just these) to organizations that help fish.  Sometimes local.  Sometimes salt.  
In my experience anglers, fly anglers in particular, appreciate a good sticker and if the message and donations help the fish, all the better.  Personally I don’t get much from it at all aside from seed money which I got back, the whole thing has been self sustaining. 
It’s not an official business and am not sure it ever will be—just a way to express some creative angst and do some good. The twist on the original Gadsden Flag seemed fitting.  I hadn’t seen it done.  I think adding a fish tail helped dial up the message. 

The "Don't Tread on Redds" decals are 5.5”x4” and are priced at $5 each.

All orders can be done through the FinAddict Gear Facebook page with payment via PayPal (family and friends preferred).  Each purchase includes shipping.  The PayPal email is 

Look for me on the FinAddict Gear Instagram page too."

Want to order a couple?  Hit up Cardo on the FinAddict Gear Facebook and Instagram pages and be sure to check out his other designs as well.

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